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Mein Baby 3D and In Utero 3D announce cooperation

Two young Technology - Startup Companies located in Poland and Germany announce their cooperation for giving families the opportunity to see and touch their soon to be born child.

 From an ultrasound examination to a printed model

"A new world of almost complete freedom in design is opening. This gives us the chance to "print" babies directly from the ultrasound image." (Andreas Lembach)

3D printing is the technology that is about to revolutionize the way we do business and produce goods. Major advancements are happening right now that are opening new possibilities. This is the trending topic in all the industry at the moment. It is now possible to produce single pieces of any plastic good, rather than thousand of pieces in the old fashioned injection molding. The costs are still much higher, but nobody would build an even more expensive tool just to produce one piece by injection molding. So no more million pieces of one size fits all, but your single fitted piece just for you.
Another advantage of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is that new designs can be produced. For example hollow structures with crazy outlines are possible. No more demoulding of a sturdy tool is necessary. Things that needed to be made from many pieces, can be printed now in one piece.
This new cooperation of Mein Baby 3D and IN UTERO 3D takes full advantage of these new possiblities.

"It is a whole new bonding of the whole family with its new member" (Aleksandra Witkowska-Masojć)

Many pregnant women and families know about, or experienced, the possibilities that new 3D ultrasound high resolution imaging gives. It gives the gynecologist a much better way to insure the safe and healthy growth of the child in the womb. It also gives the mother the opportunity to see the baby, almost like it is there already. It gives a good feeling about the pregnancy. This feeling can only be shared with the rest of the family, that cannot be present at the examination, via a 2D image. Only a picture of the screen image can be saved and printed in 2D. This way the 3D nature of the examination is lost. The three dimensional impression of any image on a two dimensional screen can only be captured by moving the view angle around. This is the reason some clinics offer to save a video of the examination, to get back this three dimensional impression. (sometimes called 4D).

"When I printed the first model and showed it around. The astonished reactions convinced me. I have to offer this for many families." (Andreas Lembach)

Before, it was possible for the family, to see the baby on a picture, to hear the heart in the belly. But now it can be touched an felt three dimensional. The new high resolution ultrasound machines combined with the new 3D printing technology, gives this great possibility. Now with this new technology it is possible to print a three dimensional model of the examination, showing the baby in the womb.

 "Feel" the baby!

"The blind mother can now experience her child, just like many others know it from the 2D images. Actually it is much better." (Aleksandra Witkowska-Masojć)

A special offer is the reduced price in the program: "Waiting Without Barriers". Through this program blind family members can experience the pregnancy in a whole new way. To raise funds to enable this program the idea was born to offer printed babies for everyone.

"Newly mothers tend to be quite nervous about the pregnancy. The use of Baby Models helps to be more concisions about the unborn child." (local gynecologist)

 Of course this new possibility is exciting for pregnant mothers, but maybe even more exciting for the rest of the family. Typically not everybody is allowed or has the chance to be present at the examination and see the baby on the screen in 3D. By making the 3D print of the examination the mother can share this experience with the whole family.

Think of grandparents that cannot wait to see the baby. Think of fathers that would love to hold the baby in their hands. Just to get a feeling of the excitement the mother has. Think of bigger brothers and sisters, that maybe don't even welcome the new baby yet. Give them the chance to "meet" the new member of the family and you will see how things change for the better.

About "Mein Baby 3D":
Mein Baby 3D is a brand of the company Lembach3D. Lembach3D is
headed by Andreas Lembach and located in Darmstadt Germany. It offers 3D printing consulting and production. With its engineering background it offers technical prototypes but also printing of tinker - toys and artistic designs.

About "IN UTERO 3D":
IN UTERO 3D is a brand of VOTREX. Votrex is headed by Aleksandra Witkowska-Masojć and located in Szczecin, Poland. It offers the modelling and handling of medical ultrasonic data.

About the cooperation:
Both companies announce their cooperation in order to combine their technological knowledge and manpower. As both are brand new Tech-Startups they are pretty excited about this new big step. It gives them the possibility to deliver better quality in a higher quantity. This way they can now offer this technology to everybody and make many families happy.


"It looks so real! Amazing!" (mother)

"Now my family can share my excitement much better, about our pregnancy!" (mother)

"A relaxed mother, leads to a relaxed and healthy pregnancy." (gynecologist)

"A pregnancy is such an emotional thing. We gynecologists tend to focus on the medical data. There is also just not enough time to deal with the emotional side. I think the model can help on this part." (gynecologist)

"First  I thought of it as a toy. But when I see a difficult pregnancy improving, I almost think it is a medicine." (gynecologist)

"It is a boy! I showed the proof to all my colleagues at work already! I am so proud!" (father)

"I am so scared to hold a tiny little baby like this. Maybe now I can practice with the model... Ha ha. It still fits in my hand and has all its features already. incredible!" (father)

"I never understood. But now I got a feel of, why my wife is so crazy about this baby. I am crazy, too now. Ha ha." (father)

"Now I can play with my baby brother already! It so cool! I find the baby looks much better with the mustache I drew, but my mom made me clean it off again..." (brother)

"I love my little sister already. I have a small bottle from my doll. I can feed the baby milk with it. I do it every day so it can grow nice. " (sister)

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